On a perfect day

On a perfect day I wake up early in the morning, refreshed after a good night’s sleep. My mind is calm because I am well-rested. I am eager to start my day’s work. I take a shower and drive to work. The traffic is smooth and I reach my office early….almost no body has arrived yet. The place is quiet. I enter my office, open the windows and fresh morning air fills the room. I never turn on the air-conditioner in the morning. I am focused and feel motivated to start my work. After checking emails, glancing at the news for few minutes I am all set. I am able to concentrate well and the day turns out to be quite productive. Every hour my fitbit signals me to take 250 steps and I walk around the corridor or go to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and these breaks help me to stretch my muscles. I finish work and drive back home. Again traffic is peaceful. I call my parents to check on them and everything is fine. I get ready for my evening walk. One or two of my neighbor friends join me and we have animated conversation. We don’t even realize how one hour gets over. My fitbit count is significantly higher than 10,000…something around 12000 or 13000. It feels good. I come back to my apartment and cool off. I take a shower and there is still some time before it is time for my husband to return home (he has a long commute). I spend few minutes on meditation, I practice my music or read something. My husband comes back. We spend some time talking about our day. Just being in each other’s company is what we need to unwind and this has not changed even after eleven years of marriage. Finally it is time for bed. I read some more and drift to sleep.

Over the past few months I have not had a single perfect day. Is it too much to ask for?

6 thoughts on “On a perfect day

  1. I occasionally have a day when I feel like I’m in the flow. Things go smoothly. I happily glide along with them. I’ve noticed lately that this happens during segments of the day. It’s rare to go about my business and not have to deal with other people’s muted aggression. I have to manage my reaction then. Action and reaction can take over. The flow goes away. I sometimes take a break to meditate to disrupt that negative cycle.

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  2. It is a challenge to stay tuned to our own rhythm when we have to deal with negativity from other people. And you are exactly right that in our effort to not get drawn into this negativity we lose our rhythm. I am happiest when I am focused, I am grateful when I am able to follow my simple daily routine…even that seems impossible at times.


  3. Sounds like a very organised and calm life! Sadhguru says “If you wake up and are breathing, it’s a great day!” When I practice finding small spaces of gratitude, no matter what is happening, it’s usually a good day. 💚💕

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    1. I agree that even in the middle of a chaotic day, it is always possible to find gratitude. But from time to time I long for one of those ‘uneventful’ days when I can simply do my thing without getting frequent interruption from the world.

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