Today was a bad day at work. The day started well. But after lunch there was a meeting, an important one, which lasted for more than three hours and was a total disappointment. People were not being objective, most people were unwilling to listen to logic and just wanted to have their ways. I expected a more productive and fruitful outcome but after wasting lot of time I realized that nothing is going to come of this meeting. I was disappointed and upset about it.

I drove home thinking about how my time got wasted, my mood got worsened,  because of some of my colleagues’ selfishness and stupidity. I had encountered so much negativity from others in that meeting, that I couldn’t find any happiness or sense of peace in my own mind anymore. I reached home and felt really tired, frustrated, let down, upset and angry. The anger was also partly directed at myself because I allowed these things to affect me so strongly. But I couldn’t help it. I was drained of all energy and decided to skip my evening walk. So there I was, sitting on my couch, perfectly miserable, mindlessly scrolling through my phone.

I needed a quick fix. I wanted to come out of this unhappy place and find my peace again. I tried first to keep my mind off these negative thoughts and started visiting some of my favorite bloggers’ sites of see if they have posted anything. Rather than receiving email notification, I actually prefer to look for new posts by visiting the sites. The joy of discovering a new post, after may be, looking everyday for ten days, is much more than a confirmed email notification. But today I was not lucky, I didn’t find anything new to read among those blogs I checked. Then I thought of reading some poems and Mary Oliver came to mind. And this time I was lucky, I quickly hit the jackpot. I found the poem Egrets.

And that’s it. I needed nothing more. Like every single time, Mary Oliver lifted my spirit once more. Last few lines seem to be written just for me. I could almost see before my eyes those innocent egrets in their pure whiteness, putting their faith on mother nature that made them. They are  sure-footed, unruffled when they walk on water even with half closed eyes. In their complete trust, any other possibility does not exist. And just like their trust lifts them over every dark thing, this poem also lifted me over my dark thoughts….I was calm, centered, peaceful and light. I felt thankful that this innocence exists in nature. There’s no reason to lose hope, look at those egrets who are so sure nothing will go wrong. Their unwaivering faith somehow put things in perspective. My problem didn’t seem so big anymore. The smooth glide of those egrets gave me hope that there are far bigger things in nature, in this universe which we can trust and things will work out just fine, despite some problems and setbacks. I am ready for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Egrets

  1. We all feel affected by our situations and this post is a wonderful example of how we can shift out of a difficult place and back into gratefulness again. It’s always a choice. Mary Oliver is a favorite of mine too 👏💕

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    1. There is always a choice. I agree whole heartedly. I know that Mary Oliver is your favorite too. You had mentioned that in a comment sometime back. I was not surprised to learn that 💚

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