At Blackwater Pond

At Blackwater Pond the tossed waters have
after a night of rain.
I dip my cupped hands. I drink
a long time. It tastes
like stone, leaves, fire. It falls cold
into my body, waking the bones. I hear them
deep inside me, whispering
oh what is that beautiful thing
that just happened?

(Mary Oliver)

Every time I read this poem, the last two lines catch me off guard. I don’t even understand myself why they fill my heart with a profound sense of peace and joy. This poem brings a transformation in me which I simply can’t comprehend, I remain at a complete loss for words how to describe my state of mind each time I finish reading the poem. Truely my mind wonders: oh what is that beautiful thing, that just happened?

4 thoughts on “At Blackwater Pond

  1. So beautiful and profound, Pirootb. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem and your deep reflections. Perhaps this poem will help with some of my students who don’t seem to feel that protecting access to clean water is important…

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    1. Thank you Carol. I feel grateful for your encouraging comment. One strange thing about such poems is that even I don’t understand why one particular line moves me so deeply….how come the poet who knows nothing about me, who doesn’t even know I exist, can write a line like that. When I was reading your recent thoughtful post about displaced people, I couldn’t put another poem by Oliver out of my head…the poem Wild Geese. When you don’t have the sense of belonging, you are always an outsider, as if looking at a close knit family through the window. You feel that you have to be extra nice all the time, just to win some acceptance from these strangers. And Oliver assures you that you don’t need to do all that, there’s a place for you already ‘in the family of things’. It will be nice if you write about your opinion on this aspect sometime. Do you think it applies to displaced population and how?

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